Saturday, July 18, 2009

Inside The Storm.

The lightning struck the same spot twice, it was no myth.
No coincidence that I had a scar in my palms
With your name written on it.
I did not cry, though the rain was questionable.
Storms blew through valleys buried deep, hidden
And sealed with secrets you whispered in your sleep.
I always pretended not to hear, but the thunder always
Kept me awake and I had no choice but to listen.
Imprisoned in darkness, your words became a light
In my shadowed room, the clandestinity of your dreams
Were unleashed as your speech carried on throughout the storm,
Tears became hail, iced over memories seeped through broken teeth
It was like watching lilies bloom in the middle of cracked streets.
Riddles streaming from the depths of death’s venom breath
My name was in the eye of the storm.
Leaving my fragile heart twisted and torn, your violent winds
Made it impossible to think clearly, I lay in despair wishing I could make
Your past disappear, we were both in such need of repair.
We were the end result of a train crash,
The ashes of a thrown out cigarette,
The pain that sits placid after love expires,
Somehow we fused our broken pieces together
We were just looking for some protection from
Some severe weather.

And so the morning came, as it always did.
Jaded light bulbs lit dimly as you awoke, the tornado calmed,
The words you spoke the night before silence themselves,
And I am left with no words, waiting for the sun to deliver answers
To your broken questions.

Friday, July 3, 2009

MIYM #14

It was to an independent state of mind that I wanted to pledge
Saluted the reflection in the mirror
As if my chords had truly been cut down
Like my strings were finally untied
Like the knots had come undone
I placed my hand over my heart to pledge my allegiance
But the bullets went flying taking my soul as seisin
Foolishly I left my heart open for unspoken reasons
No liberty or justice could heal these lesions.