Monday, April 12, 2010

MIYM #20

Roads end with signs that never make any sense. And green lights only make it harder to leave. So i am stuck in between stop and go. Left with these blank maps telling me to move. But I am so stuck in yesterday’s left that I’ve forgotten how to turn right in today. Fallen victim to misguided promises and melancholy love songs and the radio keeps playing those sad tunes that I used to hum to myself everytime you left. Mr. Right was never your forte anyways, and being in love was far too complicated for us to comprehend, so we pretended to know where we were going when really we were lost from the very beginning. I thought I left footprints so I could follow them back home, but every time I tried to trace them, they led me back to you. I have searched and searched, trying to find the signs. You were a right that went so wrong. This is a street that cannot be travelled alone. All that is left at the end is heartache and loneliness and I am done walking by myself. Words keep me company enough to fill the void your voice can no longer fill.

you left. so I write.