Sunday, February 14, 2010

Part Deux.

Hearts have never been as undefined as ours.
They have been written within warm bed sheets
Smeared in lace and cotton.
Hung upon curved smiles.
They have been placed in between the spaces
Where we attempted to catch our breath
From nights we couldn't sleep.
And it is within these moments where I take in
Your every exhale, breathing in every part of you
That I have welcomed into my heavens.
No need to doubt this.
I will spread my love across your table.
I will embellish your name on my thighs.
I will curl your scent onto my tongue.
I will wrap your beautiful neck with the tips of my fingers.
And I will lock away every secret you whisper
And let you take me on trips of ecstasy
To oceans unknown.

Because although our envisions were a little dimmed, my ordinary words still sings hymns!

Religiously inclined to your majestic and godly eyes
Calling your name in high pitched sins.
I have not forgotten what it feels like to miss you,
So now that you are here, I refuse to dismiss you.
Let me kiss you, and watch as your scars fade from view.
Let's re-write the rules of love and say that the stars
Told us that we were destined.
And that 11:11 was created by us.
And that poetry resides in your smile.
And that the world rotates only by the command of your voice.
And that gravity merely an excuse to keep us from flying.

I have never been able to sum up your being within these words
For there are no true words that could describe our two hearts.
But I suppose U & I are the perfect way to be perfectly undefined.