Sunday, March 29, 2009

Melt In Ya Mouf #7

I went to write a poem yesterday
But my pen had run out of ink
I then proceeded to
Strategically rip out my heart and
Placed it on a piece of paper.

It was the greatest poem i've ever written.

Love. Tianamonique.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Simplistic Complexities--*

It was simple then, wasn’t it?
Fires have never been extinguished so quickly
And when your fingertips met my eyelids
The sudden movement caused earthquakes in my knees
You danced sweetly as we became musically
Inclined to each others mind
Never "Lament Over Love"
You spun me on your pointer finger
Till your laughter became a blur

Simplistically speaking, simplicity was peaking
Leaking simple stanza’s to make poetry look easy

The words rested freely, and I twisted them around
My dark hair strands, I wrote you [in pen] on blank pages
And you had several faces
But when it came time to fall in love
I couldn’t even erase it.

For me, love has always been prettier on paper
The permanence of the ink laced through
Thick veins of thoughts that never got named
Which, is probably the reason why love in
Reality never fails to taper.

I’ve become smitten by characters I’ve written
To the point that I’ve begun to compare my true love
To those I’ve created and sadly get upset
When his metaphors don’t get me elated

So an apology is belated I suppose; I’ve composed
To many love sonnets and my infatuation with romance
Has led me to no where
Alone, I stand cold with nothing to show but a few
Poems and maybe a couple verses
Straddling the idea that love can be drawn
From a hat full of abstract words, slowing putting them
Together to create the perfect ending
Rearranging them to make it sound better,
I’ve managed to fall in love with words instead of him.

Possibly trying to change him into the poems I wrote secretly
Hoping that the perfect lines can somehow transcribe themselves
Onto his tongue, so when he speaks I can hear the love
I slaved over for almost 2 full moons.


I was truly hoping to rant about simplicity in this scribe
But this has indeed turned into another tale about
My desperation to be adored; nothing less nothing more
Again, failing at my mission to leave
Passion in my notebooks and carry on without it
Wishing I could have stuck with simplicity instead
Of demanding complexity
It is what I have become accustomed to.
Comfortably numb to the harsh jabs at my heart strings
I was never the muse.
Used to being refused of the love I so passionately wrote about.

But, I blame myself for the heartache, for I gave my heart away
The first time I read Hughes, Bishop, and Dickenson
So in all honestly it really should be surprising that I am slightly
Disappointed when it comes to love
Because Im used to being embellished by artists who shape my existence
I now know that you will never compare to, “Jukebox Love Song”, and
It is unfair of me to expect you to recite something so sweet into me
As my Langston once did.

It was simple then, wasn’t it?
There was no heartbreak in reading a good poem and
That was enough to keep me content.

*huge THANK YOU to those who took the time to read this piece. =]

Love. Tianamonique.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Melt In Ya Mouf #6

I was feeling real pretty today.
Makeup was applied to perfection and I let my
Hair blow in the wind carelessly
My skirt twirled beautifully beneath my knees
And I swear I felt the sun kiss my neck
Then I heard your name dissolve in a strangers mouth
And as I attempted to swallow the thought,
I choked and realized feeling pretty doesn’t matter
When you’re not whole.


*There is a melt ya mouf #5... but I'm keeping it to myself. =]
I swear I know how to count I swear!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just Sangin [Ordinary People]. :)

Cuz I don't really have a life ++ I was feelin a lil down n whatnot "/
Sooooo here's singing blog numero dos.

Please disregard my crazy hair!! smh its always a mess when I make videos geesh.


maybe you'll stay...maybe you'll leave... maybe you'll return.

love. tianamonique.


Monday, March 16, 2009


I have said too much.
Though I should probably keep this to myself
I’ve let my foolish words crawl into the hands
Of someone unworthy so they have become worthless
Muting their meaning
Wishing I would’ve kept quiet,
Instead I flaunted my feelings
Exploiting my wounds despite
The salt poured into them daily
But I have begun to run out of metaphors
To cover up whom I meant this for

You claim I've said too much.
But it was you who never said enough


Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Night Groovin--*

Who doesn’t love a dope melody?
Infatuated with moody blues,
Penetrating smoke risen jazz
Swirled up into melodic hues
Snap fingers, stomp feet,
Clap hands, whistles through teeth
The music is more than skin deep
Bob heads and close eyes
Go back to poetic rhymes
When dreams were kept is clenched fists
Hip hop bliss kept hearts alive
R&B masterminds took over spotlights
And green lights were constant
Flaunted the purity that once laced the streets
Pop- locked and lip-locked
Fell in love with the beat
Speak the secrets they keep
Weaving through the massive traps
They let seep through the cracks of
Dirt grazed sidewalks, get blazed when night falls
And let the melody consume you till
The boss calls to home and you’re still
Spinning on the dome,
Don’t get blasted when the bass gets blown
We’re reclaiming our own, taking what was
Ours to begin with, digging up the roots with
Shovels made of pure music.
Calling all muses to join hands and fuse this
Back together to complete the cipher
We’ve worked to hard to lose this.
This here is a movement, hit it hard like pavement
And wash away the current,
We’re headed back to the mouth of hip hop’s ocean
Going back to the birthplace; the earths face
Let the truth surface.
Grabbing her by the wrists, taking no prisoners
For her sake.
Fall back, sit back, and let the
Resurrection take place.

"While you rhyme about being hardcore, be heart-core. What is it we do art for?"--Saul Williams.

Love. Tianamonique.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Ninth Letter.

Eye never knew such beauty
Wrapped in dark lace, how smooth was your voice
Eye felt the movement when we coll[eye]ded,
You looked deep into me and told me eye
Had been bl[eye]nded
Bloodshot to the core, in you eye conf[eye]ded.
You captured me in ways that eye was unaware of
Pupils d[eye]ilated, you penetrated voices through
Blank verses that eye read with braile.
Trails of rose pedals led me to your heartbeat
Crossing my fingers hoping eye found the
Right rhythm to your m[eye]nd.
And eye could picture you without hearing your voice
I wrote with invisible ink by choice
You've never had to see m[eye] words to feel them.
Feel me?
Eye felt you; even when my heart was closed,
Eye felt you close; almost overdosed on your lyrics.
You unt[eye]d the knotted sheet that blindfolded me
Disabled me to see, and though I lived in darkness
For a lifet[eye]me,

Eye have never seen anyone so beautiful.

Love. Tianamonique.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Dang, where do I even start with this fool. haha Been through it all with you and have waaaaaay too many memories. Almost had to throw some fists, but you know at the end of the day it's nothing but love. Somethin like my other half and I'm thankful you're in my life. *silent dooooppee* Yu already know I love you to deaff and I hope ur 20th bday is spectac!! =D Luh you dawg!!

Insiderssssss :
[Still don't know how we passed that class.]
--Our "almost" two fights at school. lmao.
--"heard you got tattoos on your knees. dark circles. DOOOPE"
--Lame saturday nights. pshh.
--Intoxication. Nuff said lol
--Our "mens" that we been thru!
[happy we finally got some uhm.. decent ones haha yes decent]
--the curlies. with the curlies.
--fat skinny girls whoop whoooop
--"byyyyyeee" giggle giggle "ok bye =]" lmao
--Why did I get married.
--New friends or what...?! hahahhaha
*uhm it goes on and on but bottom line have thee bestest birfday EVAA.
You already know we gna get it poppin when I gets back
++ Greyson better be UBER nice to you all effin day.
btw: ur bday is in tres minutos. ew ur getting hella old bruh. TWENTY?!
"go be with ur twentyyyy -blink blink-" lmao.
ok longest post ever or what?!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

She Sings Too =]

Uhm soooo yah. Broken Hearted Girl... Beyonce. LOL.

Bored at home whoop whoopp