Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Night Groovin--*

Who doesn’t love a dope melody?
Infatuated with moody blues,
Penetrating smoke risen jazz
Swirled up into melodic hues
Snap fingers, stomp feet,
Clap hands, whistles through teeth
The music is more than skin deep
Bob heads and close eyes
Go back to poetic rhymes
When dreams were kept is clenched fists
Hip hop bliss kept hearts alive
R&B masterminds took over spotlights
And green lights were constant
Flaunted the purity that once laced the streets
Pop- locked and lip-locked
Fell in love with the beat
Speak the secrets they keep
Weaving through the massive traps
They let seep through the cracks of
Dirt grazed sidewalks, get blazed when night falls
And let the melody consume you till
The boss calls to home and you’re still
Spinning on the dome,
Don’t get blasted when the bass gets blown
We’re reclaiming our own, taking what was
Ours to begin with, digging up the roots with
Shovels made of pure music.
Calling all muses to join hands and fuse this
Back together to complete the cipher
We’ve worked to hard to lose this.
This here is a movement, hit it hard like pavement
And wash away the current,
We’re headed back to the mouth of hip hop’s ocean
Going back to the birthplace; the earths face
Let the truth surface.
Grabbing her by the wrists, taking no prisoners
For her sake.
Fall back, sit back, and let the
Resurrection take place.

"While you rhyme about being hardcore, be heart-core. What is it we do art for?"--Saul Williams.

Love. Tianamonique.


kmx. said...

Jeezus m'love. =O
That was amazing; definitely one of my favorites!! Mmm mm mm, do yo thang girlllllll lol.

tianamonique--* said...

lmao thank yu babydoll!! =D

Ashley Outrageous said...

i love it 1000x more because your using hiphop ;)

one word;; DOPE!

Devon said...

i freakin love this, especially dealing with music! dope love!

Elle said...

Musical Madness at its best. This was metaphorically brilliant.

Anonymous said...

this...sounds familiar. feel like i've heard it before. or maybe i was just feelin it that much ;-)
loved it!

oh and your "melt in ya mouf" series is dope.

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tiger said...