Thursday, May 13, 2010

MIYM #21

You go around looking for similes that may spell your name.
You look to see if i've hidden your eyes within
Metaphoric meanings.
But my dear, stop searching.
For if it is about love, it is about you.
And that is how it has always been.

Love, Tianamonique.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Beautiful Feat. Jill Scott.

You love me especially different.
Every time you keep me on my feet
Happily excited bout..

It was your voice that I fell in love with.
That first phone call made me sing notes that I didn't know I could reach.
It was like heaven saying hello.
It was like my body completely filled with your harmonic tongue
And I hung onto every word.
Swinging like church bells.
Yes, there was something biblical about
The way you pronounced my name.
As if it was made for your mouth.
As if it was a perfect fit.
As if it had never been said before.
I closed my eyes and pictured myself
Dancing alone with your voice,
Opened them and saw you..

And your cologne, your hands, your smile, your intelligence

Caught me off guard
Completely losing my balance
Falling into your smile
Amazed by how well your hands fit into mine
Getting lost in what blue and yellow had birthed in your eyes
It was lovely.
Your stole away every ex boyfriends name from my vocabulary
Just so I wouldn't compare them to you
Built bridges across your tongue
So every time we kissed it was like walking towards the sun
Bee's could not have stung me harder than your love did.
My love.

You woo me, Your court me, You tease me, You please me
You school me, Give me things to think about..

You were a compilation of composition books.
Rhymes entangled in a genius mind.
Musically inclined to the beat your heart chimed.
Perfectly undefined.
I had gotten to used to found, that I had forgotten what it felt like to find.
You were present tense
First person
Opening sentence
Thesis statement
Parentheses Love close parentheses
Quote I love you end quote
Citation you
Page us
Myriad times infinity could not equal my love for you.
Cruelly head over heels.
Madly infatuated
Intoxicatingly in love with every part of you
And everything I do not know I swear I will learn to love too..

Cuz you invite me, you cowrite me, you love me, you like me

For everything that I was and wasn't.
Flawlessly loved my flaws because you understood me.
Recognized my lyrics because they fit perfectly with your melody
We sang in perfect tune; harmonious kisses in June; in tune with your soul
I had no control over these feelings.
You filled me like a poem full of similes.
Silly of me to try to compare you because
You're such an incomparable thing.

Incite me to chorus...

Sing away my past because you are now.
And you are beautiful.
Like afros
Like hip hop
Like Billie Holiday
Like the middle of spring
Like Lauryn Hill
Like green eyes
Like palms
Like melancholy love songs
Like photography
Like poetry
Like art
You are beautiful like beauty never existed until you created it.

You are beautiful.

Love, Tianamonique