Monday, March 29, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sandpaper Walls.

I wish I could have built walls for you my dear.
You have become the victim of stricken winds
That refuse to understand your beauty.
You are that but a grain of sand
And he has always been your weakness.
You stray from the comfort of
Beaches to be blown away by
Winds that claim they will protect you.
But I watch as he picks you up and blows
You in whichever direction he choses,
And painfully I watch you lose yourself to the
Mouth of an ocean who never took the time
To learn how to pronounce your name.
He was never the image that love has painted,
Instead he is a mirage of what pain has created.
Distancing yourself from reality only to swim
Within his lies.
I wish I could have built walls for you.
Walls tall enough to keep his eyes hidden.
Walls tight enough so that his
Scent could not seep through the cracks.
I wish I could have protected you.
I wish I could have changed the seasons
So that the winds were not so heavy on your fingertips.
Again, he has swept through and taken your strength.
He has poisoned your mind to make you think
That you are the lucky one.
Made you believe that without him
You were just another grain of sand.
Another insignificant piece of land,
So you lost your motive to stand strong.
Dug up your roots and pretended not to hear
Us calling your name -
Or maybe you have forgotten what it sounds like.
It is true - I have been struck by harsh winds many times
And I sadly have the scars to prove it.
But I have built these walls perfectly.
They are made with tiny grains of sand.
Millions upon millions stacked upon one another
Dampened with the tears i've cried for years.
My lovely grains of sand, who have stood beside me
On night's where I thought I would crumble.
Days that I thought would never end.
Hour's that I thought would hold me hostage.
Minutes that took my breath away.
Seconds that I will never get back.
I wish I could have built walls for you.
To keep him out.
To keep us in.
To help you remember your name when he
Misplaced it.
To keep your beauty somewhere safe.
To have shielded you from the
Harsh winds his fists blow.
I wish.
But I know that if I did, he would find another way in.
You would leave trails for him.
And we, the tiny of grains of sand that have always loved you, would be left
Wondering where it was you went.
So again, we will watch from the other side
As you drift away with your wind,
And pray that one day you regain the strength
To build your own walls.

Love, Tianamonique.