Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Love On The Horizon.

I saw a beautiful shape in the distance and
Convinced myself it was you.
Told myself it could be no one and nothing else,
So I ran.
Letting the pavement sing beneath my impatient feet,
The trees became a blur a green, another sign
Of your presense.
I uttered your name under my slowed breath hoping
You would turn and beam your brilliance
Into the morning horizon.
But when I got to where you were supposed to be,
Utter lonliness washed over me
And I was not surprised.
You never came, as I did not expect you to,
But expectations and hope often cross eachother,
Causing misunderstanding and heartache.
I listened to the wind blow through my damp eyelashes,
Inhaled the sweet scent of cactuses. embraced the morning
Dew with my eyes closed.
The trail had ended, and I walked away alone,
Leaving the beautiful horizon and your memory behind,
Knowing that sadness and desperation were waiting for me at home.



nikkiblanco said...

this almost brought a tear to my eye... especially since i remember feeling like this... i don't know that i have a the capacity to hope like that again, to fall so gracefully into a dream and just pray it stays real just a little while longer... i don't know.

i'm more of a jaded person now, calculating and scheming to get the most out of a love lacking relationship... :/

tianamonique--* said...

Yah I know what you mean. Hope just leaves me disappointed.

But if it's love you're lacking.. do you really consider it a relationship?

I don't know.. I don't think I realize how sad and hopeless I am until I write about and then i'm like.. damn. "/ eh. love is so unfair.

samathasunshine said...

Thank you for that! please update often or I'll have to come out of lurking more often ;-). But, really i LOVE your work, especially you MIYMs!


tianamonique--* said...

awh thanks!! I have a few of those I need to post!


nikkiblanco said...

"But if it's love you're lacking.. do you really consider it a relationship?"

Well, we're all in relationships with eachother--friendships, asscociates... booty buddies, jump offs etc... so, the "relationships" that I'm in aren't exactly defined "boyfriend/girlfriend, husband, boo, baby" but they are something... I just don't know what to call it... but they all seem to be relationships of convenience on both parts (for the moment.) Fortunately--I'm having sex with NONE of them so I can sleep better at night.

nikkiblanco said...

OH! and I'm the same, sometimes I don't realize how lonely I am until I write a poem...

But for the most part--I'm good, I've decided to fill up the lonely time with books, work, school and my girl time... so far it's working until I go in heat.

Devon said...

love loveeeee darlin.=]

PhlyyGirl said...

"You never came, as I did not expect you to,
But expectations and hope often cross eachother,"

This was the line that touched me the most....You write so beautifully and I really really really loved this one...
I just hope that one day I wont identify so close with your words...maybe we both wont. *sigh*