Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yesterday's Emerald Eyes.

Yesterday is no longer my concern.
Your fingertips no longer hold any importance
Your emerald eyes can't keep me hostage
And I have left your scent somewhere in last week.
Our summer has faded with winter's cold lips
Kissing away our warm memories and replacing them
With frozen regrets.
But it's so hard to forget what your heart loves to remember.
So now i'm trying to play catch up to a world that you
So painfully blinded me from
Trying to touch the laughter I lost along with my smile
I misspelled my name so many moon's ago and now
I have papercuts from writing too many love poems.
We were the end of a train crash
The ashes carried the pieces of my heart
Into your venomous hands
You always pretended to catch me when I began to fall apart
But never held tight enough.
Letting me slip through the cracks in your weak fingers
I never knew where I was going
So since I didn't have a destination, a map was not needed
Weeded through the roses as if the thorns never left me bleeding
Pleading for your once familiar eyes to make me dance again
I sat placid on the wieght of yesterday
Pretending to not notice how distant your voice had become
Or how your words stung
Or how I bled from biting my tongue
You; the yesterday that I've been running from.
And now
Today seems blank
Tomorrow seems lonely
But yesterday is no longer my concern.

Love, Tianamonique.


Call me miss priss said...


Elle said...

Wow... this was like a palatial bee sting to the heart.

tianamonique--* said...

thank you =]

Cook.ThePoet. said...

wow indeed. this poem is too real. im diggin ya flow and creativity with the word play.the imagery is insane. very unique


tianamonique--* said...

appreciate that!

Anonymous said...


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