Wednesday, December 16, 2009

MIYM #18 / DAY 3.

And because of everything we’ve been through, I continue to grasp on to moments where our names were aligned with the stars. And because I can’t let go, I hold them while I sleep. And because my dreams consist of falacies, I tend to wake up with soaked cheeks. And because I have dimples, they tend to seep into my skin. And because your words have cut away the molecules of my surface, I walk sideways and my smile is crooked. And because I am so broken and dismantled, the many who have touched; have left. And because lonliness is so beautiful, I paint solitude on barren canvases. And because those colors are too bold for me, I look to your emerald eyes for comfort. And because they are so distant, I find myself following the trails I left for when we got lost. And because the winds swept away my previous footprints, you are no where to be found. And because time is running out, I have no patience to play hide and seek. And because I left those games in my youth, I am taking my heart and laughter and planting them in a secret garden. And because roses were never your thing, romance and meloncholy love songs will fill this place. And because it is mine, it will blossom. And because of everything I’ve been through, I will water my thoughts and nurture my dreams, and fall in love with myself.

Love. Tianamonique.