Thursday, July 15, 2010

MIYM #22

There was a once upon a time.
There was a prince charming.
There was a damsel in distress.
There was a villain.
There was magic.
There was a climax.
There was an ending.

We had all the contents.
But there was no fairy tale.
There was no moral to the story.

They don't tell us what happens
When happily ever after
Never comes.

Love, Tianamonique.


Jasmine. said...

so true . but we find out , the hard way.

Menna said...

happy ending just in failry tales..we just have to live the moment :)

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhh, nice!!!!!

Highly favored said...

It's called hard life lessons.

Bri said...

Love it.

Anonymous said...

very nice. i actually believe in happily ever afters, just not easily ever afters. sometimes happiness takes effort.

Indigo said...

maybe they should have ended with Amen instead...

Anonymous said...

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