Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bye You.

We met in shallow waters.

Under silly circumstances.

Swimming was never an option,

But floating was effortless

In your rivers, and streams.

I drank from your thoughts

And lived off of the idea of love.

I jumped off diving boards to reach you.

Penetrating through currents

I knew my small frame could not handle

But your face

Always kept my heart at a steady pace

Lacing rocks with your smile,

Until you were a blur.

A melody that I held my breath for

You were the air that I always ran out of.

Gasping for a piece of sanity.

Raising my head above water

Only to find out that I

Was still drowning in your memory.

We hit rock bottom.

Plummeted to the deep end.

You never taught me how to swim.

I attempted but failed.

Sailed alone.

Cold, I shivered my way through love

Pretended you were the beach,

I dreamed of.

Palm trees and coconuts and open blue skies.

Seas painted with

Picassos's brush; The rush of waves

Against our skin.

I imagined sand between my fingers

And you holding shells up to my ears

Asking if I could hear the ocean yet.

I thought

That if we could just make it.

If we could surf the waves,

If we could survive the currents,

We would come out alive

And in love.

But instead; I bled.

And you were the shark.

And you bit me till I fell apart.

Nothing left but bruises and

Half a heart.

So i'm back at the start.

In these shallows waters.

Too afraid of the deep end;

Because I was never taught how to swim.

Catching my breath from the currents

That rocked me to sleep.

Here I am; heart locked

Sitting with my feet dangling from the dock.

Skimming emerald rocks,

Tears flooding as I watch

You fade away; because we got lost.

And Im on a mission to find me again,

So as we say farewell my friend.

I say hello to me at the bayou.

Love, Tianamonique.


Shandra E...*the misses said...

funny how love and heart brake provokes the same kind of pain and still each story reads differently!

years ago, i once wrote :"you wanted me to jump in, but you were never willing to teach me to if you wanted to see me drown...& still no frown on your face could replace the silly smile traced upon my heart...too bad i was too in love to realize, it was just the start of brokeness...a part of me was ripping and your hands pulled at the seams!!"

*shrugs...i suppose i'll re-post in my own blog; lol..since i un-officially revealed it on yours?! lol...thanx for reminding me of these feelings...because i'm over them...& now I can actually smile:)

sara said...

Love is painful but you must move on


tianamonique--* said...

Miss Sandra; so nice to hear from you =] and your piece sounds soo lovely!! Thank you for posting it!

Sara; Very, very true. Exactly what I plan to do. =]

Thank you lovlies.

tianamonique--* said...

*Shandra lol sorry.

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Anonymous said...

yeah sistah i love what you are saying and love your style....

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Donna Nicole said...

That first stanza made me tear up. Powerful words girl! <3