Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Ingon.

I'm a soldier.

Salute me or get murdered.

Never cross enemies lines

Is what I told her .

Respect my queendom

If you want to keep your freedom,

I have this feeling of

Authority and i'm not sure where it came from,

But I feel obliged to keep

My heart in tact; beware of attack.

Thoughts hijacked by mistaken allies.

Forsaken lies; I will not compromise.

I see the boys and I hear the cries

They try too hard to hide.

But I told you.

I'm no longer your prisoner.

I'm the commander.

You demanded her; A battle I let myself lose.

But you lost when I let you choose.

Sing me your blues as I fall asleep

Next to someone new.

I've been waiting for the day for you to realize

The magnitude of what you put me through.

But it's time to move.

Running through the cluster of

Broken promises, and swallowing words that are stained

On the back of my throat.

I understand now that there was no remedy to be found,

Loving myself was the only antidote,

I coped well; considering all the lies these silent

Assassins tell.

Told and sold dreams with unraveling seams.

It's never as seems so be careful what it is you believe.

Fairy tales are fake stories, but I'm making real

Happily ever afters.

Capturing my laughter and bottling my smile

All the while fighting the demons that

Take over my silent nights, but this is a fight

I will not lose.

No more melancholy hues will linger around these walls.

Standing tall; suited up.

Shoe's shined and ready to regulate on those

Who hate.

Silencing the debate on whether not I'll make it.

Breaking through the curses,

I heard them.

They were whispers, but they crept

Up my neck and I could feel the chill

In their voices.

They used to speak so coldly.

I remember feeling so frozen from the harsh

Words of their winter tongues, but i've hung

Those up to dry in my spring like gardens.

What you think is hardly true, love.

I used to live freely, without rules, love.

Until you started creating them, impossible to

Oblige to.

I tried to; you watched me.

I failed you and i'm sorry.

But now i'm sergeant.

Taking commands from no man.

Forgetting the plots and the remedies

Taking shots at the enemies.

From now on, i'm defending me.

Never surrendering my heart

For someone who will ignore it.

No more white flags, this is war.

And i'm ready.

With my scars drawn and

My wounds open.

This is not my first battle, nor will it be my last.

But I have an army behind me.

The sunken soldiers, the beaten

Prisoners, the wounded souls,

The bloodied victims.

Here we come, murdering those

In our way of the sun.

I've had enough.

I'm tough, but this road has been rough.

And I deserve honors and medals.

So ad ease, soldier.

I'll do this with ease, soldier.

Watch me do as I please, soldier.

And maybe one day you'll become an ally,

Till then, let the battles rise.

Love, Tiana Monique

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Anonymous said...

Once again I'm left reading in awe. If only I knew you to truly understand how the power you have behind your words. I can only say what they do to me, and every time I read this I feel empowered. Aa if I can encounter anything and I will end up on time. You are an inspiration, and I thank you for blessing me with your words.