Monday, November 3, 2008

Ode To America--*

Penny For Your Thoughts--*
"Light only penetrates the darkness that's already there"-SAUL WILLIAMS.

Mr. Williams is a genius. Seriously.
He came inside her.
Right after she pleaded "not guilty",
Calling her distant father's name in vain
With the weight of his absence so present.
The rape of polictical scandals falling across her surface.
Her face has fallen.
Calling for a revolution, her skin is dry waiting for her pores
To be awakened with resolution.
The pollution rises through the cracks of her nose.
He told he loved her before kissing her quietly.
Pulling her closer with each faint lie,
She WAS the promise land,
He IS the promise man, promising dreams
And change,
And love.
But she was not loved, and she felt it and
The welts from her lover's hand melted
In her palms.
Never saw it coming.
Weeping silently and alone,
Watching her children suffer the mass beatings
She recieved for being too strong.
The ring was forced onto her wilted finger,
Holding dreams she knew no longer existed.
Married to a love that was insisted,
She tried to resist it cuz his love was not consistent
Persitant on power a trip, her lover didn't give a shit,
Twisted around his finger, she choked on his every word,
Pretending not to hear, knowing her voice would not be heard.
She wanted to love him, but his morals were too complex
To understand.
In attempt to make him happy,
She began birthing new orders, and new laws,
But all he did was fuck her raw.
Hardcore, leaving scars among her broken branches hanging by little faith.
Her breathe whispers hope into the autumn breeze,
Hoping a man whispers back with the same needs as she.
With the same morals, and wants, and desires,
Hoping a man can extinguish the fires when her lover retires.
She's calling for a revolution.

A Revolution.

Make sure you people go out and vote.. Even if yu think it won't matter.
It 100% DOES!! Got my vote in early =]



Super Woman said...

where do you get his stuff from?

I think im addicted

tianam0nique.--* said...

saul williams is a genius.

read his books.. they'll change your life i promise!!