Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Melt In Ya Mouf #8

While walking past a mirror,
I saw your sweet reflection.
I ran and hugged you until the glass
s h a t t e r e d
Into my arms.
Your memory bled down to my fingertips.
I tend to kiss the scars when I begin to forget
Your smile.

Love. Tianamonique.


kmx. said...

mmm mmmm mmm.
how somethng so
short & sweet can say
so much!

LaLa said...

wow. that's intense mama!

tianamonique--* said...

thxx loves =]

Unbreakable said...

Awesome, this is well written.

Devon said...

loveeee it mama=]

Anonymous said...

this poems sucks like you and ur big ass teeth u fuckin rabbit

tianamonique--* said...

Lol geeeeeeeeeez!!!! Dnt like it dnt read it. =)

Devon said...

wow @ the anonymous comment!

tianamonique--* said...

I know geesh some people.
And although its anonymous; dnt mean I dnt know. Smh. =)

(vixenchick) said...

i love that!