Friday, April 17, 2009

My First Love Poem--*

Je vous aime
My love, I adore thee.
Your sunshine blares in clear view
And I am honored to dance in its embrace.
If I was a clever girl, I would find a way
To bottle your smile and drink you
Till I was overflowing with joy
I would paint your reflection upon
The clouds so I could walk [shamelessly] in your shadow
I would place your scent on my eyelashes
So ever time I blinked; pieces of you
Would trickle down to my nose
And I could breathe in you
Darling; how lucky I am to have laid in your presence
To have held your delicateness
To have carried your fragile burdens
Te quierro
I have loved you in languages unknown
I admit that I have been swept from the ground
And into a blank heaven
You wrote the lyrics
Then recited your way back into my thoughts
And maybe I am a fool for following your
Lexis, but I am helpless in your presence
And I have become unusually comfortable with that.
Sometimes it does not seem like
There are enough hours in a day for me to say
That your smile is equivalent to diamonds
And if I had the immense power to permanently
Rearrange the alphabet
I would gladly begin it with F
For the fulfillment you have
Given to my mere existence
I may come off as resistant only because
I am insecure and remain un-convinced that I am worthy
Of your brilliance
You are superior to all forms of beauty, my love.
My adored; how it saddens me that there are no words that
Could faithfully depict my gratitude for
Your company
Vous êtes beau
I love without reserve and I am well aware of the consequences
This state of mind can bring
But those chances are mine to take
Those words are for me to sing
It is my heart to break
And although I could never imagine of finding
The appropriate words to describe my vast adoration for you dear;
It is comforting to know that I could say it in all languages,
And would still mean the same.

--Wasnt sure if I was going to post this; but I Kiesha Cole'd it and changed my mind =]

Love. Tianamonique.


Jason said...

beautifully written!

.rawkii said...

Glad you did change your mind.
Nice as always.

"I would place your scent on my eyelashes
So ever time I blinked; pieces of you
Would trickle down to my nose
And I could breathe in you"
this part made me smile

(vixenchick) said...

you are so talented!



Jussara Annrae said...

Awww I loveee this. I just wanna tell everyone i know to read your poems. Amazing. =)

Devon said...

me loveeeee it lovey!!!!!=D

LaLa said...

glad you did, it's lovely!

George said...

Interesting post... I can see that you put a lot of hard work on your blog. I'm sure I'd visit here more often. George from love poem.

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