Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Well That Went Dry.

I had needs yes;
Ignored the obvious
Thinking I would shy away
From the thirst that violenty
Crept up the arch in my back
You chose to overlook
My desperation to be caressed
By your essense.
I must have lost you at the stop sign
When your eyes blinked green
So you left and I stayed
Stranded without any reassurance
That you would return whole.
I knew eventually you would make a sharp turn
To come back; but evidentally you ran
Into complicated detours
That led you astray
To another woman's core
Memories replayed constantly
Your voice was difficult to drone
Prone to dial tones; I found a home
In the arms of lonliness that
You never seemed to notice.
Sank deeper into my new residence;
Wishing you would ask for my address in hopes
Of a familiar visit.
But you would never come for me to comfort me.
You never even looked back to see
That you had comepletely rearranged my entire existense
So the music continued to play; but I was singing in accapella
Our soundtrack, suddently composed of sharps and flats
Continued to spin without a scratch
I carried on without mentioning
How unfamiliar your voice was
And how it was effecting me
How I had forgotten the shape
Of your eyes and how your
Sharp words were slowly disecting me
Neglecting me and my needs
My pleads went overlooked
Booked a thousand broken flights
Back to my unfinished memories
Unable to forget the promises
You injected into me.
These are the truths that I
Was trying to run away from.
Intoxicated my heart till my soul was numb
How does one overcome the gapped bridges
You so poorly built upon my tounge?
I suppose I never considered that
This wasn't going to go as perfectly
As I had sketched.
"I don't really draw anways" is my pathetic excuse
For keeping my heart outstreched.
I can no longer hold this love
It's become to complex; I packed it in a box.
It should be waiting on your doorstep.

Love. Tianamonique

*Some things are written because it feels good to write. And that is all it is meant to be.


Ashley Outrageous said...

loved it. especially the end.

*Some things are written because it feels good to write. And that is all it is meant to be.

Devon said...

yes, love the end and love yuh mama..keep it up!!!

tianamonique--* said...

thxx loves =]

nikkiblanco said...

i sometimes go to your blog just to read my heart... i can't find the words anymore... or maybe when i do i fear the audience reaction

tianamonique--* said...

awwwhh "/ well I do hope the words come to you my dear. they will. they always do.

Anonymous said...

i agree, "they always do." sooner or later.

i loved this piece! as i usually do =)


Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

You always bring it loved one.

Anonymous said...


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tiger said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.

disa said...


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