Thursday, May 28, 2009


I found a blank page in my notebook. I didn’t think I would. It seemed as though my words had leaked through each line; making it impossible to inscribe anymore love tributes. My notebooks heart seemed broken with all these melancholy words filling its blank spaces. Filling the gaps with rivers of tears but I happened to flip through one daring page, strong enough to hold my pens burdens. A full page ready to be devoured by heartbroken ink, I could feel the paper wince at the click of my wrists ready to spill all my sadness into its lips.

But instead of drowning this lonely page with poetic love woes, I will embroider these spaces with charming words that blossom from the seeds of my lovers smile. I will make the words dance in celebration of everlasting romance, because I’ve had enough with heartbreak and I’ve shed enough tears. I think this page deserves some happiness. Maybe even laughter if I can come up with the energy to engrave it because my heart is spinning out of control. Running wildly free, clinging to my loves thoughts and promising to never look back. On this page all the suffering no longer leaks through and the pain has been subdued. I do not wish to erase those memories though; those wounds are beginning to slowly heal. But still - I am entirely grateful that you can’t erase permanence.

Love. tianamonique.

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BrittNicole said...

doopeee ishh i love it=)