Saturday, May 30, 2009

MIYM #11

As a child many of my worthless toys got
Broken, lost, and sometimes stolen
After kicking and screaming into my mothers arms
Almost begging for a second chance,
She would smile and gladly replace them
Now that I am older, I’ve had my heart broken,
Maybe lost, but more than likely stolen but
When I ran into my mothers arms
Kicking and screaming, and hardly breathing,
Demanding a second chance
She held my grown body and cried
Knowing that of all things she had replaced in my youth
My heart would be the most valuable item I will ever lose
Today, I try to avoid anything that can break
Because it’s the irreplaceable things
That leaves you feeling empty.

Love. Tianamonique.

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karrie b. said...

quit playin around and gon head and get yourself PUBLISHED sweetness. doooooooo it!!!