Wednesday, June 24, 2009

MIYM #13

Even if it is only one night
Strip me of my insecurities
Love the purest form of me
Make the floor beds cry,
And the bed spread curl
Place whispers on my neck
Hold me deep
Make it raw
Place our problems
On the nightstand and
Pick them up in the morning
This could be love.
But even if its not
I would still like to place my hands
Across your back
Embellish your name in high notes
Make music jealous
Even if it means nothing
Because I would much rather
Be lonely with you,
Than empty alone.

Love, Tianamonique.


nikkiblanco said...

possibly one of my faves...

tianamonique--* said...

thank yu darlin =]

RED Smile said...

oo that was good

a.r.v.y said...

love your writing, great blog

check out mine

chavita!!! said...

Nothing short of amazing.....

So much talent girl!

I appreciate you because you're not wasting it
Much lovez! =D

Unbreakable said...

This is awesome

tianamonique--* said...

thank youuu guys =]

Greyson Esprit said...

uhmmm is this about sex??
or is my mind in a gutter??

either way i loved it...