Saturday, January 24, 2009

One More Before I Go.

I've been deleted
Thrown away as a past memory
So when the once familiar steel
Makes love to the skin on my wrists,
My eye's water.
[With excitement.]
and I have returned to a
Mindset that I thought I had left in
My youth.
But this is just pain
And red never looked so beautiful, love.
You did this to me.
And now I'm playing catch up
To the world that you blinded me from.
Torn broken used and hurt.
I loved you full heartedly.
And now we've lost eachother
In the midst of being hurt.
deceit pain ignorance love.
Don't be fooled by the lovely pictures
Or the weightless words.
Everything is gorgeous
When the sun is lit
But when darkness falls and the doors close
Misery leaps into every crease on my skin
And I am left bleeding
Falling short of any of those
Pretty Pretty words you fed
So easily into me.
Im weak now.
The ink of my pen is gone.
I have nothing more to say.

You made me a poet.
You made me an artist.
And without you...
I am nothing.


j e l l i e b e a n c u h k z. said...


thiss is exactly how i feel !

i lovedd it .

.rawkii said...

Wow. All I can say is... Thank you for writing this.

Anonymous said...


I needed some good poetry to set me straight!!!!

I can sleep now!!!!

Ashley Outrageous said...

That was simply amazing. don't be gone for too long now missy! I need my daily poetry from ms.tianamonique LOL but that's def. going out with a bang! it's crazy how situations can make you express your feelings in such creative ways.

Tierra Chenae' said...

this is beautiful.