Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dear Yesterday,

"breath, write it all down in a noteboke and save it for us for when the storms dies down and the sun comes out and the laughter begins again" Nikkiblanco. She's a lovely soul. Check her out!

I shall return soon loves.



Ashley Outrageous said...

" i mean if theyre asking for your myspace dont give it to them dont be gay! " lmaoooo

Ashley Outrageous said...

but anywhom; keep your head up, your a beautiful girl & you seem like you have an amazing personality. weve all had broken hearts before trust me & sooner enough it just makes you stronger it really does, & it just gives you a good life lesson. he lost something great & if he cant see that then you dont want him anyways. youll be ok soon enough, just let time do its part. ill miss your writing though :(

"when you love somebody, you love sombody, it doesnt change, it doesnt ever go away.

- ms.tianamonique
( iLLest line from that video)

tianam0nique.--* said...

awwwwh thank yu so much ashleyyy!! for real that means alot.

ur awesome!

very much appreciated tho seriously.

Anonymous said...

Your so pretty!!!!!! WOW! Have you modeled?!?

LMAO @ "don't be gay"!!!!!

Let me be the first to tell you that life, broken heart and ice cream come hand and hand. You take one and then the others will follow.

The ice cream?!? Helps with the stress.

It is why I currently weight 141 instead of 135....:)

is said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
is said...

i still claim you baby

i still love you

A.J. BLUE said...

I know how you feel, love does suck balls but its his loss :)

Lamar said...

pshh!! delete my comments!!!!!!!!!


love is good

you better not delete this one!!!!!

Daniel said...

i have all daniels passwords lol
and i know the feeling

Jasmine Hormes said...

dont alllow him to take everything!!!

your stronger then that!

Daniel said...

Wow, as you can see what "DANIEL" wrote. Next time when your on my account Miss Breanna don't forget to log back into yours if your going to be posting comments, haha. Anyways, cheer up, take it easy, and you and your dude will be good before you know it. Me and the Mrs. argue ALL THE TIME, but the most important thing is that we never give up no matter what. Honestly, thats what makes her and I unstoppable. Stay up miss, wish you luck with everything.


karrie b. said...

baby doll...i dont even know you and i can see how beautiful your spirit is. dont let a failed relationship change anything about you. you learned from it. he wasnt the one. when the right one comes you will have learned from your mistakes and can trust and love with your entire heart.


Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Nyce, your pulchritude is crippling.

the MRS. said...

whatever daniel

Anonymous said...

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