Saturday, January 17, 2009


What a brilliant song that is right? Mr.Legend kills me everytime I hear it. To me, it never gets old. I mean seriously tho ;;

"I know I've misbehaved/and you've made your mistakes/and we both still got room left to grow/And though love sometimes hurts/I still put you first/and we'll make this thing work/ but I think we should take it slow". *sigh.

ah. makes me wna cry! inspired this piece =]


AS if the timing of your departure could not have been more damaging to
OUR commitment that we inscribed within our skin, we fell for
LOVE in a way that left passion dancing in the past and
ADVANCES fell quietly among your doubtless eyelashes so
WE decided to remain naïve. Forgetting the rule of give and
TAKE. And for the sake of this relationship we tried not to
SECOND guess but my voice turned bitter and together, we ruined all
CHANCES of an everlasting romance and
THOUGH sulking seems like an appropriate way to go about dealing with the heart ache
IT’S too unbearable to think of whose name you claim these days and I am
NOT the one to beg, but for the first time in ages I am believing that
A higher being will send you back to me and this just may be an impossible
FANSTASY but still
I hope you return soon, love, because I can
STILL feel your fingertips on the small of my back and I
WANT to tell you how much I do miss you and wish
YOU could understand how badly I ache and I want you
TO come back home, but I honestly shouldn't have had to ask you to




nikkiblanco said...

I truly love your writing... and yes--John Legend inspires me so much... I get teary-eyed listening to some of his songs!

(did you read any of the book??? burning with curiosity)

Ashley Outrageous said...

i love that song! & love the poem!

Anonymous said...

that song is timeless. absolutely classic!

enjoyed ur writing as well.