Sunday, January 11, 2009


I know its over due =[ lo siento! The internet has been limited due to moving out of the parentals casa! =] So bare with me.
Hearts jump off bridges everyday
Yet they never televise these suicides
And why can’t I publicize the
Mass genocide of my insides
I heard love cries in the dark then falls apart.
They never tell us that love murders the heart.

Licking wounds with razor blades
Muted tongues play heartbeats like drums
Souls strung together with cold wire
Words are left unsung and deferring
In the blazing sun
Days fall into the middle of my lap and
Nights are drowned in the sound of tears
Caressing damp pillows
Grey skies kiss happiness goodbye
Lips painting bleak lullabies
Humming into me these sweet siloquies
And he left me without warning.

Salt pouring into fresh cut pores
Wrapping burnt fingertips from touching
Unwelcomed realms
I know; I should have known better
Monday’s moon collapses
And tomorrows come too soon.
This is where sorrow becomes my muse
Falling backwards into green stones
I resort to comfort zones
Loneliness creeps underneath doorways
And snakes up my legs to find a home
In the dimples of my cheeks
She fed him warm words while mine
Sent a painful chill down his back
Which, is why her name echoes
After he says “love”

And I am left, twisting my arm
To make sure I am still human.
Delicate spirits broken with glass
The shattered pieces falling among my eyes lids
I never saw it coming.
Arms wrapping around active thoughts to remain
Balanced and sane
Catching my breath in the heat of the moment
Apple colored kisses keeping me hostage
We lost it.
And im exhausted from dodging bullets
To protect my heart
And following trails only to find
Question marks at the end of the tunnel.

The distance makes the difference
Between me and his mistress
And I guess I didn’t listen when the winds hissed
That his lips kissed a new miss
And honestly I don’t give a fuck about your misery, no diss.
Cuz you took away the only image I had left of bliss.
So with this, I claim victim.
Pretending to not feel how bad
The realization of it burns.
I guess this is how karma works.

He always did love a woman with words.


*btw: sorry it is so long. i've had alot on my midnd. eek.


CorporateHustler32 said...

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Ashley Outrageous said...

Soooo deep! Ah I missed your writing! LOL

G-M0N3Y said...

Gosh ur so deep! love it!

tianam0nique.--* said...

Thank yu mah lovess!


Anonymous said...

*snaps for the kids*!!!!!!

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love it!!

your awesome!

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your better then your idols.

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