Friday, February 13, 2009

Dear Husband,

Remembering the jolt of happy hips
Placed against cold walls,
Unlocking bolts with your sweetest key
Allowing you to invade the quietest part of me
And I miss breathing into you.
Writing love sonnets onto to fogged windows
Continuously running into infatuation
The headaches rang till dawn and
I remember dancing into sunlight
With you holding my waist gently
Placing short wisps of ecstasy onto my neck
Savoring the moments
When I couldn’t make out the perfect words
To say I love you because you were too brilliant
For any cliché love proposals

Many have touched and left. But love, your fingerprints,
Are the only ones that still remain injected in these veins
Mimicking sculptures, we made artistic poses while dancing to
The rhythm of our heart beats
To the realm where our art meets
We wrote prose’s on blank bed sheets;
And I believe in the spirit that possesses you
Which, is why I trust that every sound you make is religious

Still, your envious envisions make my ordinary words sing!

Cutting harmonious incisions to make my soul ring
Keeping similes close to scream when your name
Is too distant for me to catch
Pay no attention to the parallel lines I perfectly etched
And please forgive me for speaking to fast, but your love
Comes and goes so quickly, my thoughts can’t seem to grasp
And I collapse in your embrace and gasp when you invade the
Space in-between my heavens.

And though miles are spread vastly between us ;
I love and miss you dearly.

112 degrees.
Missing you on valentines day love "/.
I wish you were here.
Love always,
Tiana Monique Langston.


kmx. said...

Your poems are the shit!
I love em. and Happy V-Day love! ♥ =]

tianam0nique.--* said...

Awh Thank Yuu Darlin!!

Happy V-Day to you as well!! =D!!

the MRS. said...


tianam0nique.--* said...

Haha B.

Super Cakin It Todaaaay =)

JKisz said...

giiiiiiiirrrrl! i'm lovin this! your words...ah!

nikkiblanco said...

one day i'll read this to someone, when they are worthy

karrie b. said...

i sure hope he knows what he has...


Anonymous said...


ill;kinda said...

that was so sweet. You're so talented :)

Lamar Langston said...

dnt forget about me beautiful!!!!!!

u still didnt put my name on here tho

lol thts a pretty nice pic tho


its a kiss pic so ha!