Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Green Steps To No Where--*

I Fell in love with your voice first.
Catching me off guard through wires that didn't warn me of its beauty.
Took over a piece of me that I had forgotten to keep hidden.
After your voice intoxicated me; I fell in love with your smile.
The very simple curve of complex muscle penetrated
A sensation that was resurrected inside of me.
After your smile swallowed me; I fell in love with your eyes.
Those beaming lights flashing “GO”.
Those poison ivy pebbles leaving me speechless.
After your eye’s stole my voice; I fell in love with your hands.
The caresse of them; the finesse of them; the best of them.
After your hands entangled me; I fell in love with your laugh.
That contagious chuckle that left my eye’s squinted and mouth wide open.
After your laughter warmed me; I fell in love with your soul.
Spirit so free; mind so clear; oh and your words soothed the roughest memories.
After your soul engaged me; I fell in love with ears.
Small and tender; you listened to every ridiculous thought I held and
Placed your hands out to me to help carry them further.
After your ears impressed me; I fell in love with your walk.
Smooth and confident; I felt proud to glide beside you.
After falling in love with every atom of you,
Every cell
Every piece of you...
there was nothing left for me to do besides...


Elle said...

There is nothing left for me to do bseides...fall.

I wish you could see the goosebumos on the back of my neck and observe the swell in my emotion reading this literary artpiece. I heart Tiana Monique....this is the first blog I check for updates.

tianam0nique.--* said...

you always bring such a smile to my face miss elle!! =D

thk yu babydoll!

nikkiblanco said...

I really really really love this piece... it may be one of my favorite poems EVER!

tianam0nique.--* said...

awwh thank yu nikkiii =D!!

BrittNicole said...

"greeAAttt poemm doooopppeee hmmmhmm"
yur so in love

tianam0nique.--* said...

haha i so am. =] geesh.

hubby been good to meee !

whoop whooop.

Devon said...

aww i see things are looking up for you :)

i loved thiss!

JKisz said...

oh man! i'm sitting here like daaaaaaaamn! lol. your words are powerful and when you put them together....aw man i can't even find the words to describe it. finding a man worth falling for is one thing. but once you find him and you experience the whole falling process...pure bliss. my gah i love this!

Ashley Outrageous said...

damnnnnnnnn girlll!!!! i lovelovelove this oneee! like seriously!