Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One Sorry To Go Please--*

How much does your apology cost?
I may not be made of riches,
But I would spend an embarrassingly
Immense amount to hear that the seeds of your sincerity
Are beginning to take root
An apology that breaks down barriers to open seas
One that changes the rotation in which
The world spins
I would work over time for a month to
Hear your heart explode
Though sorry comes from in between your lips often
The clouds are laughing at you
Amused by the ignorance in which you speak
For sorry means nothing to the skies
It evaporates quickly sending feather like
Molecules into its ears, and then bursts with laughter
And you expect me to take you seriously?
The heavens are booming at your existence
How meaningless is the word sorry!
I’d work the graveyard shift
Walk with bags under my dark eyes
Sleep for 3 hours at a time
And make monthly payments; your apology is costly
But I’d rather be exhausted than hear
Some bullshit sorry that you came up with
When you thought of how dreadful life would be
If you lost me

I no longer want your sorry.
So if you have one prepared
I am not interested.
This routine is becoming old
And my feet hurt from dancing around
These insignificant lies
You keep deep in your pockets
Convenient for when you get tongue tied.
I want a permanent apology.
Not a temporary sorry.
One that lasts for more than ten minutes please.
I would pawn the lovely ring you embellished on my
Finger just to come up with enough funds to hear
Your heart bleed
Please do not return to me with excuses as to why you left
I don’t want to read that letter.
I don’t want one of your rehearsed speeches,
I have learned your
Lyrics by heart
I could recite them with my eyes closed and eloquently
Give me one of those impromptu skits that flow from the corners of your eyes.
Show me how your heart is almost as iced over as mine
Give it to me when I don’t need it, so I can nurture it until I do.
Give me my money’s worth.
I’ve always had expensive taste, so the price of your
Apology is the least of my worries.
I work hard for what I deserve, and I am quite
Certain a sincere apology has been well earned.
For all the verbal abuse I’ve endured and the
Deceit that you poured into small vases
The flowers have wilted.
For the guilt trip you tried to make work.
Yes, I deserve that apology.
But I have maxxed out my visa’s and
Apparently you don’t take checks.
My wallet is empty and work is hard to find.
So I am carefully packing my luggage and leaving
Your …

Sorry behind.


**sry so long haha. i go from extremes huh? itty bittys to massive!


Devon said...

tiana hun you def know what im going through lol i loved this girl you never cease to amaze me!

Ashley Outrageous said...

im seriously speechless; like that was so deep. it kinda makes you imagine how the guy is; its crazy. amazing piece my love!

MRS. LANGSTON. said...

Devon -- awh babygirl thankk you! hopefully ur situation is better than minesss. =]

Ashleyy -- the "guy" is exactly how he's described. eh. thank yu as alwaaays!! =D

gor(jess). said...

that was really amazing. i loved every single line.

keep it upp =)

Lamar said...
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tianamonique--* said...
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BrittNicole said...

i freakin hate sorry's

ughhh sorry ass's


imjstchikk said...

nothing short of amazing :]

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tiger said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.