Thursday, February 26, 2009

If We Met Again In Spring--*

I was thinking
Maybe we could talk.
Sit on a wooden bench somewhere
And talk
About anything
If you have time
Start with something simple
Like the weather
Cuz there is a gentle breeze
That flows through your eyelashes
That reminds of me ripe strawberries and apple trees
Birds are singing in perfect tune and the sky is a pretty blue
[If that interests you]
There is something holy about spring
Maybe it’s the way the flowers bloom
I tend to talk too much, so feel free to interrupt
But I am engaged in your sweet smile and the
Way your kiwi eye’s light up
The sun must have been jealous
Never been to fond of love,
But this weather is impressive
And if I could be so suggestive
Could you kiss me on my collar bone?
Lauryn said it was the sweetest thing she’d ever known
And I’d like a taste of my own.
Did you know that your words glow?
You match this season perfectly
And I’m in awe of how well your hand still fits inside mine
And your mind is genius and I’d like to keep
Pieces of you in my pockets to kiss when
The winds hit my blushed cheeks.
Lust speaks whenever you pour out with laughter,
I’m sure you’ve heard of happily ever after
And I’m really not looking for one.
But I want a happily ever now, because after will be too late
So it would be great if you could just hold me
And maybe whisper sweet something’s into my ear
[Who wants to hear nothings?]
Because I am broken and you are the closest
Thing to glue that I can find, and I don’t expect you
To get it right the first time, but I would love to see you try
Than to remain in my broken state wondering if
Your spring could have raised me back to life.
Your summer gave birth to me once, so I was just hoping
That with winter gone and all, we could sneak to that place
When you uttered the most beautiful of words to me at
5:43 in the morning when the sun was becoming vibrant
And you continuously said “I dig you”.
Revived and alive,
I sang in your summer.
Yes, your spirit made me sing!
And now I’d like to sprang in your spring.
Jump with colors you painted along my bridges
I was just thinking.
If we could just talk..
Maybe spring would listen.



Monday, February 23, 2009


Ok so sunday we had a lil girls day. went over to thee soufside to get the nails did and had a HEATED convo bout rihanna and chris brown in the shop ooweee. Then headed over to PF CHANGS! oh yes that won ton soup is to die for =] anywhoo post is dedicated my lovess!

We so damn RECKLESS!

Nails Did Propa. Mines be the long black ones whoop whoop =]

Just so hood. Soo hood.

JUST WOW. when zoomed in ; our faces are PRICELESSSSS. =]
Me ans Brit got maddd hops.. Camy? Not so much lmao.

No type of balance geesh

It said chase so we had to lmao.

Friday, February 20, 2009


I am running so I don't feel as lost.
Into whirlwinds and mountains
Lands where
God rests his hands somewhere
Shoulders do not touch here.
I am running deeper and harder
Faster than my feet can carry
I am not as light as I though I was
And my heart is heavy with burdens
To forget that I was once
I am unmoved by these events
And though I could shed a thousand
Tears, my cheeks remain dry
And the desert surrounds my eyes
I can see the wind blowing
I can taste the memories
Floating gently around my fingertips.
I want to remember this moment
Catching my breath
My life line is not long enough on my palms and it's unfair
So I am running to savor these moments
Stretching my soul across plains
And valley's
And islands.
Hugging the world with both arms.
Till I see that these moutains
Are not as still as I thought they were.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One Sorry To Go Please--*

How much does your apology cost?
I may not be made of riches,
But I would spend an embarrassingly
Immense amount to hear that the seeds of your sincerity
Are beginning to take root
An apology that breaks down barriers to open seas
One that changes the rotation in which
The world spins
I would work over time for a month to
Hear your heart explode
Though sorry comes from in between your lips often
The clouds are laughing at you
Amused by the ignorance in which you speak
For sorry means nothing to the skies
It evaporates quickly sending feather like
Molecules into its ears, and then bursts with laughter
And you expect me to take you seriously?
The heavens are booming at your existence
How meaningless is the word sorry!
I’d work the graveyard shift
Walk with bags under my dark eyes
Sleep for 3 hours at a time
And make monthly payments; your apology is costly
But I’d rather be exhausted than hear
Some bullshit sorry that you came up with
When you thought of how dreadful life would be
If you lost me

I no longer want your sorry.
So if you have one prepared
I am not interested.
This routine is becoming old
And my feet hurt from dancing around
These insignificant lies
You keep deep in your pockets
Convenient for when you get tongue tied.
I want a permanent apology.
Not a temporary sorry.
One that lasts for more than ten minutes please.
I would pawn the lovely ring you embellished on my
Finger just to come up with enough funds to hear
Your heart bleed
Please do not return to me with excuses as to why you left
I don’t want to read that letter.
I don’t want one of your rehearsed speeches,
I have learned your
Lyrics by heart
I could recite them with my eyes closed and eloquently
Give me one of those impromptu skits that flow from the corners of your eyes.
Show me how your heart is almost as iced over as mine
Give it to me when I don’t need it, so I can nurture it until I do.
Give me my money’s worth.
I’ve always had expensive taste, so the price of your
Apology is the least of my worries.
I work hard for what I deserve, and I am quite
Certain a sincere apology has been well earned.
For all the verbal abuse I’ve endured and the
Deceit that you poured into small vases
The flowers have wilted.
For the guilt trip you tried to make work.
Yes, I deserve that apology.
But I have maxxed out my visa’s and
Apparently you don’t take checks.
My wallet is empty and work is hard to find.
So I am carefully packing my luggage and leaving
Your …

Sorry behind.


**sry so long haha. i go from extremes huh? itty bittys to massive!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Melt In Ya Mouf #4

Stole your soul
Without consequence
Which incidentally
Led to the death
Of you common sense
Degraded yourself
When his methods
Became too complex
Over powered your mind set
So you had to settle for less
And babygirl

You ain't been the same ever since.
"love ain't supposed to hurt, i'm tired of seein you cry. don't wna see you cry no more. just wanna see you smile".


--REAL piece in the workss lol sorry for these lil tid bits of my thoughts.. =]***

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Now I'm Hott They ALL On Meh--*

Went to the Cuddy Buddy Party for Valentines Day w/ Mike Jones. Woo.
Met with some old/new friends which is always good.
Squashed some beef and danced the night away.
Almost had to regulate ;; but she knew better.
BTW: Az is packed with celebs right now. pft. If only I was 21... hmph.

Our take on valentines day;; blah and eff it. =] whoop.

Valentines day waah?? EH EH. "I hate fat girls and dark girls. I can't fuck wit em. I'm too bomb."-- Li Li.
Thee Better Half.
The Vday Crew.

--YES.. I Was Singing Along. Mmmhmmm.

Welp this was my oh so lovely valentines day/night. Disappointing to say the least but eh.

++ He said nada bout that blog down there.. smh. *sigh* "/


Friday, February 13, 2009

Dear Husband,

Remembering the jolt of happy hips
Placed against cold walls,
Unlocking bolts with your sweetest key
Allowing you to invade the quietest part of me
And I miss breathing into you.
Writing love sonnets onto to fogged windows
Continuously running into infatuation
The headaches rang till dawn and
I remember dancing into sunlight
With you holding my waist gently
Placing short wisps of ecstasy onto my neck
Savoring the moments
When I couldn’t make out the perfect words
To say I love you because you were too brilliant
For any cliché love proposals

Many have touched and left. But love, your fingerprints,
Are the only ones that still remain injected in these veins
Mimicking sculptures, we made artistic poses while dancing to
The rhythm of our heart beats
To the realm where our art meets
We wrote prose’s on blank bed sheets;
And I believe in the spirit that possesses you
Which, is why I trust that every sound you make is religious

Still, your envious envisions make my ordinary words sing!

Cutting harmonious incisions to make my soul ring
Keeping similes close to scream when your name
Is too distant for me to catch
Pay no attention to the parallel lines I perfectly etched
And please forgive me for speaking to fast, but your love
Comes and goes so quickly, my thoughts can’t seem to grasp
And I collapse in your embrace and gasp when you invade the
Space in-between my heavens.

And though miles are spread vastly between us ;
I love and miss you dearly.

112 degrees.
Missing you on valentines day love "/.
I wish you were here.
Love always,
Tiana Monique Langston.


Happy Valentines Day Loves =] Don't sulk toooo much today!
"We picked up little things from each other; random phrases, nicknames, and stupid habits. You have to admit, we changed each other."
" If you press me to say why I loved him, I can say no more than because he was he, and I was I."--Michel de Montaigne

"I love you. That’s my secret. No hearts. No pretty drawings. No poems or cryptic messages. I love you." Postsecrets

"Oh, please tell me about love. I never really understood that stuff. "--David Fonseca

"The best way to know life is to love many things." Vincent Van Gogh

"One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can’t utter. "James Earl Jones

"We loved with a love that was more than love. " Edgar Allen Poe

Love. tianamonique.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Melt In Ya Mouf #3

If you hear a song and you begin think to yourself..
"I wonder if when she hear's this she thinks of me...."

I do.

I always do.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Green Steps To No Where--*

I Fell in love with your voice first.
Catching me off guard through wires that didn't warn me of its beauty.
Took over a piece of me that I had forgotten to keep hidden.
After your voice intoxicated me; I fell in love with your smile.
The very simple curve of complex muscle penetrated
A sensation that was resurrected inside of me.
After your smile swallowed me; I fell in love with your eyes.
Those beaming lights flashing “GO”.
Those poison ivy pebbles leaving me speechless.
After your eye’s stole my voice; I fell in love with your hands.
The caresse of them; the finesse of them; the best of them.
After your hands entangled me; I fell in love with your laugh.
That contagious chuckle that left my eye’s squinted and mouth wide open.
After your laughter warmed me; I fell in love with your soul.
Spirit so free; mind so clear; oh and your words soothed the roughest memories.
After your soul engaged me; I fell in love with ears.
Small and tender; you listened to every ridiculous thought I held and
Placed your hands out to me to help carry them further.
After your ears impressed me; I fell in love with your walk.
Smooth and confident; I felt proud to glide beside you.
After falling in love with every atom of you,
Every cell
Every piece of you...
there was nothing left for me to do besides...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Tickles My Fancy =]

I love how accurate this is. smh.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Decided to cop me a new glock.
Words be the bullets.
Mouth; Trigger
Test me? Pull it.
Continued to swallow your phrases, but I couldn't control it.

They claimed it as murder and yes I wrote it.



Friday, February 6, 2009


You practice the art of it.
Master the heart of it.
Take it one moment at a time
Letting the words consume your
Every molecule; ready to place
The contents of your heart
Upon his lap, pleading for him
To accept your gifts with open arms
Mirrors reflect the reactions you wish to capture

Opening your mouth wide for the “I”
Touching the back of your front teeth for the “LOVE”
Pushing your lips slightly forward for the “YOU”

And soon you’re speechless.
Letting out everything you’ve ever wanted to say
In a matter of two seconds and three words
Turning yourself inside out to bare your
Purest of forms; ready to explore
That part of him. Ready to let go of
Every vulnerable part that lives inside of you
Willing to step inside and place your clothes in his closet
Climbing that obstacle with your heart as your harness
Praying that if you fall; he will catch you in his smile

He picked your star out of millions; so shine bright love
Together your stars are aligned perfectly and for them to go unnoticed
Would be unfair; so let his eyelashes sweep the doubts
From your cheeks and lets his arms embrace every
Outrageous thought you may carry

Open your doors and if he decides to step in
Take his coat and allow him to caress every inch of you
Love overrides rejection always
Lay it across his table
His words may still be frozen so slowly unthaw them
Be patient and let your heart speak for itself
Cuz the words out loud may be to powerful for his soul to
Carry; and all words come with baggage.
The love is known but may be unspoken so
Don’t let a silent pause leave you broken
Men tend to resist vulnerability; its too potent
Continue to accept and to love and know
Your world involves and revolves
Around two stars that were
Written perfectly.


oh how I love finding inspiration =].

-shes fxcking outrageous!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Maturity At Its Best--*

We speak the same flowery language.
Using pretty words to cover the hidden meanings
Which is why I wasn’t surprised when his name
Was shadowed by lovely metaphors but
I read through each line effortlessly

Her heartache never failed;
Like braile feeling the words through my eyes
Finding within the rhymes how deep it really went
And while others view it as another poem,
Another majestic thought and nodding their
Heads at the artistic expressions,
I knew it was nothing more than an underlined confession

Allowing me to peek into stories that he left unrehearsed
And her thirst was quenched by my tears

Embarrassed to even claim I fell in love
He desecrated everything inside of me
Leaving me to clench my jaw in attempt
To hold in what maturity I had left
Ready to call out names and point fingers to blame
Breaking bones with memories lost
Cutting away small pieces of myself
She exposed every detail through
Similes and references
Emerald is way more than just a color

The symbolic phrases and poetic
Hazes she tried to faze me with
Only left me with a slick tongue to razor this

Leaving behind him and his sweet miss
Putting the memories into metaphors like

I’ll always miss the air he kissed
Putting the essence of all this into boxes
Capturing reality in fallacy
Seeping in the deathly venom she placed on my name
I heard only the revised versions
But her words put them to shame

And alas!



Proof written on lips that have sinned and sinned again
And though I may not be made of the most religious stitch
I do believe that karma’s a

"... consequence is no coincidence"


Monday, February 2, 2009

January Hangover--*

Woke up to a massive headache
Winter heavy on my mind
The deep sleep made me weak
And I awoke to an intensely cold reality
Still gone, I stumbled across a memory
It was sketched upon my stale sheets
Once again, reminded that I had waken up alone
January’s footprints left a sour scent
The secrets were still tucked deep into the closet
Behind the web made up of false feelings and pieces
Of curiosity, he whispered them to me often
Consistently reminding me of how intoxicated
I had become due all the hours I sat and waited
The faded magic that took over my thoughts
Ran on gold pathways
Leading me into a ditch filled with his smile
I fell for miles and at the bottom I found his name
Written in the mounds purposely humiliating my frame
And oh does he love to have his secret’s exposed; he’s cold
And could truly care less if his cover was blown
He calls to home, no telling where his winds blow
But the familiar glow was slowly growing
But I had become absentminded and
Unaware of where my beauty was going
And the reassurance could not have glued the broken
Words that fell from the corners of my eyes
Back to their normal state
For he continued to break the pieces that I
Had worked so hard to rearrange
Trying to make them look unfamiliar;
But he could always recognize my voice
But this morning I stayed quiet
Pursed my lips together
And bit the insides of my cheeks
He wasn’t going to hear me speak
So I took to my pen and filled up an
Entire universe
Burning holes into a million blank pages
Yes, I have returned
And yall my pen is BLAZIN!
Hello February =D

tianamonique. [hello my fellow bloggers!]