Saturday, December 13, 2008


"...And through timeless words and priceless pictures, we'll fly like birds right of this earth. And tidess they turn and hearts disfigure, but thats no concern when we're wounded together.."--Jason Mraz [A Beautiful Mess].

My favorite song as of late. =]*


You create worlds in my small and complex life
Creating realms in foreign places.
Speaking of new faces, new names
To recollect.
The intelect that your mind sets
Is brilliant.
Causing me to step back and reflect.
This will hurt
But only so that I can heal you
Broke a few hearts just to feel you.
This guilt trip wasn't worth the mileage
I just wanna see you smiling,
But all I hear are sirens.
We avoid the warnings,
Steering past the dotted lines.
The signs are clear,
But our vision is blurred.

**uhm so i dnt know where i was going with this one.. may possibly show up in a later post finished.


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