Monday, December 8, 2008

It's Old--*

But still one of my fav pieces.
One of mah fav subjects. =]
He said he liked to write
I told him to write me something divine.
He said it would be lightweight.
I think he's tryna meet my mind.
He's got mad lyrics in his notebook;
They make me sing like birds do.
Who knew?
I think he's dope cuz he listens to
Erykah Badu,

And he thinks Jill Scott,
Is the truth.
I see him with my eyes closed and feel him with my ears open.
I think this might be infatuation cuz
His lyrics go in deep as they slide up inside my kingdom
With no protection.
I don't mind though, I'd rather be giving birth to his words.
See, every night he makes love to my thoughts so erotically that
It makes my eyes water.
No need to get caught up with sexual pleasures in the physical act,
He pleases me mentally cuz he knows where my thoughts are at.
This is not your ordinary love like Sade said.
He brings tears to my eyes like

Lauryn Hill did when she f l e d.
But these tears are good tears.
Replaces all my fears, with his cheers,
And my dear, he speaks like heavens right here.
Like he is not afraid to fight here.
And when he switches gear; my heart beats faster,
And I grasp for some air, till my lungs can extend no further.
I think I wanna keep him around; if not for love,
For the intellect.
Cuz he can sex my mind better than anyone else can ;
I wanna give it to him in all angles; I want him to call me his angel.
I wanna make him sweat in the essence of my

Natural and genius mind set.
Make my ordinary words scream his name;

I want him to invade my brain
And see what he can make with it.
He's a freak when it comes to conversation.
Embraces every unfamiliar part of me.
And for that I love him.
Don't really know how I want this to end.
Maybe with a kiss or a simple goodbye.
Maybe not all.
I do know that this is becoming more than a poetic love spell.
I probably loved him in a past life.
He knows me too well...



Ashley Outrageous said...

omg i loveee that! i feel like i know exactly how you feel right there!

tianam0nique.--* said...

awh thank yu =]

Muze said...