Sunday, December 28, 2008


He creates empires inbetween
Hello's and Goodbyes.
His name rests easy on the tip of my tounge,
Knowing that god's eye's rest in the flash of his smile.
I could live in his arms forever.
I think I might.

I dare you to try
To break this.



CorporateHustler32 said...

Do you have a book ?

tianam0nique.--* said...

Awh ; no I don't. =(

Not yet at least! ;)

Anonymous said... need a BOOK!!!!:)

I'll buy!!!!:)

nikkiblanco said...

yes... your stuff is very very good... you definitely need to write a book!

tianam0nique.--* said...

awh yu guys are makin me blush!!

New years resolution = WRITE A BOOK!


ill;kinda said...

you're a really good writer .

...girl no one is going to brak that bond .