Tuesday, December 16, 2008



"Do you ever want to walk up to somebody and ask them about their life?"
-- Meeze. I swear he's the dopest man alive. Inspires me without even knowing. LUH YU.
Memories fade
Like dry rain
On sidewalks.
Pasts find themselves in
Your hands
Like sand on beaches.
The metaphors
Keep the memories alive
In a mind filled with
You can't trace back
The thousands of steps
Know you are here now.
You can't place a name on every wound
But the scar reminds you
That at one point,
You bled.
Words are said ; meaning less and transparent,
But the past still lingers
Accquaintences show their faces
In the oddest of places
Leaving small traces
Back to that memory.
Back to that moment.
When you were and wanted to be.
Wanting only to erase
the names
the events
the history
Only to find the past blistering
Swelling inside, ready to burst
Ready to be remembered
And taken back.
Believing they've been molded to stone,
The memories crack down the middle
Giving them a new life.
Your past will rise and forever stay.
Reminding your present how present
It will remain.
The loves, the deaths, the departures,
The regrets, the mistakes, the misunderstandings,
The words said [ and unsaid ],
The people you meet
The experiences you face.
It all remains.
And when one fragment of a memory surfaces,
You remember why its called
The Past.


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