Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Art Of Healing, Bumble Bees, And The Magnitude Of Life.--*


Penny For Your Thoughts--*

"Elegant and strong, her body blooms each day, like roses, ever blooming, with thorns to protect her from the bees only wanting her for her nectar" chilled2dmax.

ah he's a beautiful soul.
enjoy loves.

-------------------- -------------
My smile flashes with a new passion for the life I have regained.
My once strained strides have become longer and
My heart has become stronger.
My head feels heavier has it lays upon
My proud and outstreched neck.


Prided by the knowledge that I am priceless.
My brown eyes shine deeper with the understanding that
I am invicible.
My brightened cheeks have been refreshed by the sunken waters of
My past.
And the salty tears that lay upon frozen rocks are being washed away by
My ocean.
Healing the wounds with my own hands.

Did this.

We created this immense and powerful woman.
This outspoken flower.
This ever humming bumble bee.
The queen of the hive, I strive for perfection
Attempt to provide protective for the ones I love most and I keep the rest

My laughter is bursting through the chains of past burdens.
The rise of my high cheek bones when I smile are of my mothers doing,
And I am so proud to carry her glow.

For once I am realizing I don't need another to complete me.
I've been complete this entire time.
The invisibility of a man defining my better half is

The pace I walk in now is called "light".
The spirit I possess is called "free".
My eyelashes sweep the doubt from the the top of my eyelids as I realize it will be
I am willing to take risks, and the memory of slit wrists are vague and irrelevant now.
I am a woman.
And to be called anything otherwise is bad fiction yo.
Simplicity is where my heart is telling me go.
I did not know the snow of this expierence would chill a nerve deeper
Than I could fathom.
Imagine... love in its prime.

and to think... it took finding my lost gucci glasses shining on the top a bucket of dark sunglasses in a forever 21 store to realize the magintude and the amazement of life.


All Mah Love.

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