Monday, October 27, 2008

Taste Of Your Name [Short & Sweet]--*

So bittersweet as I slur out each letter letting it drip out of the sides of my mouth.
Gliding it along my lips, your name comes in liquid form and quenches my thiRst.
First welcoming a freshness that I have been longing for
Splashing each letter between my teeth,
Hitting the insides of my cheeks.
I have been craving your name
Long before I could speak.
Waiting for the taste I have been so curious about,
You go well with mY mouth.

Your carAmel falls beneath my waist allowing me to embrace each taste.
Your name filling the up and down of me, taking deep breaths to keep my saNity,
Your name devours me.
Kissing each letter, stroking eAch curve of your word,
You give my taste buds a sensation of passion and i'm only half done.
YouR name is hung on the roof of my mouth ready to be sung, and when your naMe meets my tounge... uh huh.

Its almost like I was born to say it,
Born to clAim it, and you my love, fit perfectly.
Your nAme easily swims in the deep end of me.

Your name.
Your name.

Your name is the reason I close my eyes at night,
The reasoN I can't sit still in class,
The reason my mind wanders to places unknown,
The reason why I can't love another,
The reason why my sweetest muscle aches when your not around.

Attempting to grip onto somethIng, your name comes through me
Moaning at the exhilarating feeling your name gives me.
Eye's closed and head back, I am taking all of you in, letting every piece of you fall into me.

The taste of your name soothes me, from the bottom of my feet, to
My last strand of hair.
I drank your name dry and when I finished I sighed,
Whispering your sweet name to myself,
Praying that I never forget how it felt.
Watching your name melt all the way down my stomache,
Your aftertaste leaves me

So pleasured and weak, my jaw's lock at the mere thought of your name once again returning to my deserving mouth,
Waiting to be seduced my the contents of your name.


A change in pace from my previous pieces. And it feels good. Almost as good as his name.


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