Wednesday, October 22, 2008



"Don't you hate when someone puts you into a box of bad perception and you have to define your way out?" Opera Kitty.


Somehow the words are getting caught in the middle of my thoat,
Unable to speak on whats real, how my lungs feel so fractured and
A bruised heart beats away the purple and blue veins, hit with his backhand.

Somehow the words are forming but they cannot complete themselves
And refuse to spell themselves out when the tears fall and my mouth opens
So ready to speak, so eager to meet the ears of true listeners, but my words have
Become shy.

Sudden stage fright, to afraid of not being accepted.
Afraid of nothing being heard. They believe they don't matter.

So colorless and lifeless are the words that used to rest easy on the tip of my tounge.
They are hiding being my molars, to find them you'll have to dig deeper.

There will be no more sunshine. no more highlighted words. no more colors to bring out the meanings. black and white.

I can feel them building up inside me ready to explode,
But the baggage is to heavy of a load.
They forgot what they had to say, so they creep back into their comfort zones.
Tucked away where nobody can hear as they whisper how they are bleeding.
Cut to the very core, you ignored them.
You tore them. You could not implore them.

Explore them.

Lips pursed so sight, they couldn't get out if they wanted.
But they are not knocking for an answer.
Door bell remains silent ; they are not looking for a way out.
But inside im shouting, each word in caps and bolded ; played it straight, now they're folded over one another claiming to be unable to breathe, but they're are the ones who chose to live inside me.

Now they refuse to speak.

Spirits broken from a heartache to ill to be spoken.

My words are going on strike. They do not ask. They do not plea. They flee.
Unappreciated is their extenuation for leaving me even though they know they are all I have left.

I hope they return soon. Till then.. Im M U T E.

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Anonymous said...

Never be mute never go silent.
Never let them see you crying.
just start shining
if they're blind to your words
may there vision be blind from your brightness

Never let noone hold your voice in
your opinions your hopes and your DREAMS


take a second to stay logical
refrain from falling to the level of your pain

then keep keeping on
slur your words and spit upon
the insignificant piece of harm
whos attempting to break your peace by putting there arms in the way of your charm
your words
your reactions
your actions

Fuck asken
proceed to spit upon the insignigicant piece of tar
whos acten hard wit the jaba jaw

introduce their fresh wounds to your lyrical alcohol