Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oldie But Goodie.--*

Penny For Your Thoughts--*
"Hope Is Revolutionary Patience" Brittany Barfield.


He and Me.
We bee constantly and consistenly
He Bee keeping

Me happy like the day
We fell in love.
He bee
Teaching Me New Things,
And Sayiing Them Sweet Things,
To make Me Think Things
Maybe this is an epiphany.
He leaves me,
Gasping for air to breathe in he
Cuz everyday he shows me how to love thee.
I need thee more than greatly
And Lately
His kisses end less faintly and
Quite frankly I'd rather bee
Fainting so he could wake me with his presense
Cuz his scent is heaven sent and I've
Been blessed by his sense
And My life would be dense with
Less of HIM in it.
My minutes Hours and days,
He's my enough, my more than, my sweet ways, my sun's rays
My truth stays
Embedded in his benediction, call me heathen
Cuz he's my jesus cuz he give me this spirtual solace.
He is flawless and unscathed as if he was made from trained skies
Cuz he fly's past my expections and
"Im Juss Lucky",
is his extenuation for this incomprehensible view of perfection.
Im in a vortex of complex words and text yet im content with
Really what I meant was,
Im so content with idea of being idyll that
I'd file away my past mistakes to make room for
My man, my enough,my more than, my has been, my will be,
To have thee wrapped in me like lace,
Trace your hand onto to mine and never erase it,
Never replace it cuz I could never make this
With another lover.

Yooh have a certain power over me
That I have no control over.
Im a less than senseless with you but its ok
Cuz you have a certain way with me that changes me
everday and in everyway I love you for it.

I love you for being true.

I love you for being you.

I juss love you.


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