Thursday, October 9, 2008

ENGLISH 101--*

--Penny For Your Thoughs **

"What Can I Say, He Lied To Me. Im Used To It. I Am A Woman" Professor Abigail Marie Fiataroni

Observations For English 101.

-- So in class today we had to write an observation. Something detailed but simple. But me being the scholar I am wrote this ish. gosh. =] Enjoy.


Midday, on a thursday in the beginning of October, yet the sun shines as bright as it did in
Mid June.The wind tastes sweet as winter approaches and the leaves fall quietly before reaching
SolidGround. Freshly cut, green grass mark the territory of footprints leading to the pathway of the cafe.

Multiple students sit, with no conversations, [silently] trying to focus on an object to feel less than alone. Ipods holding a sense of isolation, a warning to those trying to approach. They are to busy to listen to you. 5 students sitting at 5 different tables.

What does this mean?

The rocker chick which the pink hair sitting at one table, with her legs up and a "idontcarewhatyouthinkaboutme" attitude. Nose ring poking out and ipod turned on blast. If you listen hard enough you can hear a faint melody of a beatles song. She's probably eclectic.

The afrocentric chick ; happens to be a new friend. Christina. New york swag, and a crazy afro that seems that it has not been combed in a few years. Attempting homework, her eyes, decorated with purple eyeshadow, wander about the courtyard. Her gold accesories, and name plated necklace shine brighter than in a dull classroom.

The preppy chick with the long pony tail ; looking like a lost puppy. Possibly wishing her "BFF" would join so she would feel so alone. Hollister shirt boasting, she sits, looking like she's waiting for something.

The mentally challenged kid in the corner ; such a sad sight. So alone and so unaware of the frequent stares he recieves from the passerbys. Hes probably genius.

The goody goody; graphing calculater ready, math book opened, and glasses pushed all the way back. She's gorgeous. A hidden beauty with a brain. & she sits alone..

I wonder what would happen if they all sat together. Hmm a whole new observation.

All mah love.