Friday, October 31, 2008

Define She--*

Penny For Your Thoughts--*
"...Then I awoke and dug
That I dreamed natural dreams,
Of being a natural woman,
Doing what a woman does when she's natural
I would have a revolution" Nikki Giovani

Define she.
She meaning me?
Cuz I was she, now she means her.
You prefer her over me,
So maybe she is the she of whom you speak.
I long to be she, but she was who I was
When you was him.
The lights are dim.
Fading the old her into darkness
As your new she becomes vibrant.
I am dead, and she is lively.
But she treats the he that you've become
Like you aint new.
But you are the sun, love.
I know this.
And if her deferred,
We could have
The he and she
That we used be.
So define she for me, please.
She meaning past or present?
Am I the she you wished never happened?
I see you settleing for a lesser she, and as sad as it is,
It eases my mind knowing she will never compare to me.
Knowing the place of she can't be replaced by she.
Define SHE.
When you hear she, who's name comes to the core?
Does she make your skin crawl like I did before she was washed upshore?
When your head craddles the thought of she, who's face do you see?
I used to be so confident in holding my title of she,
Now doubts shape around your mouth when you say
The word, and I heard she call's you her's,
Which makes her your she.
But depending on the context in which you use it, I could be she.
"She's still here" -- Me.
"She still cares"--Me.
"She a rider yo"--Me.
"She's choosing and proving, but im abusing and using SHE.. Man im gna lose her because of SHE"--ME.

So think long and hard,
Bout which she holds your heart.
I was there from the start, love.
We had to part, love.
But I know if we could chose to paint our love in the sky
We could be the truest art, love.

So define she.
Understand the she that your willing to lose and the she you're fighting for.
Cuz this she is tired of coming second to your "other" she.
This she almost ready give up and leave.



Meeze said...
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Ashley Outrageous said...

wow ; your words are incredible. i might just have to quote you on my blog ;)

tianam0nique.--* said...

aw please do =]