Thursday, October 16, 2008

No Mistress--*

*Penny For Your Thoughts--
"The Minute You Settle For Less Is When Yu Get Less Of What You Settled For"

Like the old days.
Sneaking into motels at dawn.
Keep secrets hidden underneath
Stale sheets.
Wearing black shades to cover our sinning eyes, disguise these lies.

We stay quiet.

Dont get it twisted ; no mistress.
Juss a woman to afraid of distance.

So I give in every time your hand
Slides down the middle of my back,
Casting the spell you've used over and over.
Immune to the venemous kiss you place on the small of my neck.
You know exactly what you are doing
Trying to love her but
you love me.

bottomline. period.point blank.

But we can do this, love.
This run around
Cat -- mouse
Chasing down the memories we've tried to forget.

But don't miss me too much when im long gone.

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