Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Know You--*

Penny For Your Thoughts--*

"There's a force in you, my loose emotions flock toward yearning to cling because my hearts unstable and you appear rock solid" Kweenofsanity. =]
I know you.
At least I knew you.
Your memory lies so fragrant on my wrists.
I can remember the scent of your smile and the
Taste of your walk has been locked inside of me and
I can no longer find the key.

I know you.
Your dark eyes are so familiar
Yet you are so distant and the space between
Remembering you and knowing you is filling with
The regrets I wish to confess.
I am a mess ; life and love colided.
Im feeling absentminded.
I despise the emtiness you left in the back of my eyes.

I know you.
At least I thought I did.
And as you walk by I can feel your hands shake as they did the first time you held me.
Vaguely your laughter echoes through me as you try to prove to me
How deep you really are.
How far your thoughts can go, but

Maybe not the whole you, but the most of you and
When i'm close to you I can feel the heaviness of the sweet air that you take in
Sliding down the bottom of my chin
Your soul swims from within and our sin lay so alert and known.
I would be a shame to claim ignorance in this.

I know you.
Well, I knew you.
I had your song memorized cuz you lyrics left me mesmorized and I could hardly survive the first verse.
So I rehearsed in solitude and then presented the song in front of you as an ode to you.
Trying to un-code the lyrics of you, I sang till my throat bled, blood shot red came through my eyes as the tears fled from behind.

You were my song, and I sang you in perfect tune.

And your memory haunts the in of me as I dream.
The memory has fallen under the stars that we would sit and count aimlessly.
I can no longer hold you for your ashes slip through my weakened fingers when
I attempt to grasp a piece of you.

I know you.
Maybe not the you that you've become,
But I know the you that you were once.
Down to every scar, I can picture the whole of you that I once knew so well.
Now, I claim you in past tense.
Fenced inside the picture I want to keep of you.
The image I have seeked of you.

I will always know you.
But the man I see, is a somehow a stranger to me.


Butterfly-D said...

this is deep. a bit depressing. but i can relate