Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Heaven Is Blossoming--*

My beliefs are being turned into stone

And my heart is iced over


With the scent of summer you left behind.

Your Spring,Winter, And Fall

Trail behind you with baggage to heavy to lift.

So you left them alone with the memory

P E N D I N G.

Departed with them and fell down a trail

Marked with black mascara.

I am deserting my religion in you.

My prayers are becoming wants instead of needs,

Dreams instead of miracles and my

Belief in any type of god is detering.

It is becoming harder for me to believe in something I cant see.

And what I do see is,

Suicidal heart breaks, and careless mistakes.

Abused and bruised women ; love is deteriating.

I B E L I E V E in this.

I can see this.

I can trust that it will always remain.

And I know that I am challenging an entire world of religion when I say,


Leaving me in a state of constant exhaustion,

Leaving me with heavy eyes and lightweight cries.

My god is in disguise.

AND I KNOW.. it is so much easier to say everything happens for a reason,

Some easy shit to say,

But this season was unexpected.

The resurrection of my soul

Is being directed and controlled by

An infected choir, and these hymns can't heal me.

In the deepest hollows of the emptiness in my sancuary ,

Heaven is blossoming.

Impatiently waiting for my arrival.

The women who stood before me with melted hearts and

Memories to last them another lifetime.

Green eyes keep me grounded as I walk up the god who said he would set me free.

Let go of the bondage of previous disappointments and shed me of my


I am willing to put my faith to rest in your chest because us women

Only desire to be loved.

We make you our gods because we simply LOVE YOU.

Placing you on the highest of pedestals.

But dont you ever forget,


& deserve nothing less than a god to show us the truth,
and love us when our heavens are in full bloom.


*Camillie Inspired.
--cuz we're goddesses.. they juss ain't realized it yet.

all mah love.

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