Monday, October 6, 2008

Lemme Break The Ice.

I've Been Saying I Was Gna Post My Pieces For The Longest So Here It Goes. Letting Yu Into Mah Brain.. Invade It If Yu Please.



I don’t want to change.
Change comes with responsibility.
Responsibility I don’t want heavy on my shoulders.
The world bears to much burden.
And right now my world is in perfect rotation.
My nails are done and my jeans fit perfectly.
I don’t want to change.
I am content and my love loves me.
But this is not about love.

This is about c h a n g e,
And I know that change brought me to this change
But the transition between the changes
Changed me.

You will return because everything comes back.
And I will be waiting.
I can wait cuz when change comes
My heart will sink along with the promises unkept
And the houses left empty
And the beds left heavy with scents of other women.

When the change comes fingers will tremble
Doors will remain unlocked ; [secrets exposed]
And the lies you told
Will be no surprise.
You will find me in complete solitude and
Nude ; bearing my purest of forms.

When change comes.
You will return.
And I will scream till my tears become ice
And the sun will melt away my words
And you will forget to listen when the
The sun shines perfectly upon my verbs

I don’t want to change.

My world is in perfect rotation.
My playlist is a perfect blend
And there are no relation/ships to defend
I can cry with pride.

But when change comes, my arms will flee
Like a 2 year olds around your neck
Embracing every memory kept hidden
Under the fallen numbers.

When change comes
You will again be the center of my world
Everything comes back.


But this is not about love,
Juss like war’s are not about peace,
They are for power.
So in that sense this is not about love.
This is about change.

I change I can’t and will conform to.
Change I can’t strand against.
Change I refuse to make.
Change that I need.
Instead I cut my hair and
Paint my fingernails and
And rearrange my room.
And clean my mirrors.
Instead I write...
And I write
And I write!

I change the little things to make up for what I cannot.
When change comes,
I will forget how to be me
And I will reform to bad habits and live within comfort zones.
When change comes, I’ll return home.
To my center, my core, my universe.

When change comes my blue jeans with fade and I will need a full set and polish.


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Quite Impressive!

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